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Judson Scott was born in Azusa, California on July 15th, sometime in the twentieth century. He is of Danish descent and has one brother, named Marc.

Judson attended Carl Sandberg Jr. High and Glendora High School (This is a correction - previous information had a typo stating that this was Glendale High School. I have verified that Glendora is correct.). While in high school, he put on a film festival during the noon hour, which won him a scholarship. One movie he was particularly famous for is "The Loogie Bomb That Ate St. Louis." Judson attended the California State University at Fullerton. He graduated with a BA in Theater Arts.

(Webmistress note: I have received an email from a high school teacher of Judson's, Stuart Tollefson, saying that he remembered Judson. He even sent me a scan of a photo from the yearbook when Judson was a junior! The photo didn't really turn out very well, so I'm not going to post it . . . but I thought it was very interesting! Mr. Tollefson said, "I didn't get to know him well......he stayed within himself, or with a few other friends. I don't recall that he had a special interest in pottery, but maybe he just didn't express it, or ask for attention. He seemed a little older than his years. His voice was distinctive, which is why I was sure I knew him, when I first saw him on TV in supporting parts. I thought he was heading to the top, when I saw him on Phoenix, and was excited for him. For the past few years, I have tired of network programming, so wouldn't have seen him on TV, anyway. I watch a lot of movie channels, though, so that is how I saw him again the other evening in "Blade".")

In college, Judson was a piano performance major, as well as a full time acting student. The episode "Fire Within" of "The Phoenix" featured a short piano piece which Mr. Scott played. He will at times be found at the piano after hours at conventions.

At the end of college, Judson entered a contest at the American College Theater Festival in Washington, DC, which won him the Irene Ryan Award for the Best Actor in the Western U.S. He played the part of Edmond in Eugene O'Neill's "Long Day's Journey Into Night." As a result, Judson was one of ten selected out of 5500 applicants to Yale, and one of only seven who received scholarships. However, at the same time John Houseman offered him a chance to join his acting company at Juliard in New York City, where he could get the same training, actual experience and get paid for it. He went with Mr. Houseman. This ultimately led to an off-Broadway production of "Richard III" with Al Pacino.

Judson is a champion surfer. He began surfing at the age of 12 for Hobie Surfboards. He also plays tennis, skis, lifts weights, runs several miles a day, makes pottery, writes, paints, reads, meditates twice a day, did some stand up comedy and loves theater above all.

Some of Judson's favorite reading is Camus, Harold Pinter, and Samuel Beckett. Judson is a very devout person, and a member of the Self Realization Fellowship. In Denver, he was asked what he wanted to accomplish with his acting and he said, "To somehow convey Spirituality." Another time he made the statement that we should try to love everyone - we don't have to like them, but we should try to love them. In Annapolis, he said he felt love could conquer the world.

Other miscellaneous information: Judson is a semi-vegetarian and eats no red meat. He is left handed. His favorite music is classical, Mozart and before. Judson says he would like to direct a film someday, and has done some directing of plays. He has a warm spot in his heart for comedians, among those he named were Jonathan Winters, Steve Allen, and Richard Pryor. He also said he would have liked to work with Peter Sellers.

Judson has done many science fiction conventions, the highlight of which was the SunBurst Con given for him for his birthday in 1985, in Tacoma, Washington. Judson seemed to enjoy these cons, and told many funny stories, including some about his stint as a stage manager at Knotts Berry Farm. In 1983 he received the Saturn Award and was named honorary chairman of the Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror Films. In 1984, he was the presentor of these awards.

Judson spent most of the 1990's living in Europe (Italy) and filming movies in France, Germany and Italy. He is now back in the United States.

in reverse order by date of appearance
(anyone able to fill in any of the blanks, please notify me!)

Date Project Episode (when applicable) Character
2002 Charmed A Witch's Tail (Parts 1 & 2) Necron
2001 The X-Files "Three Words"
"This Is Not Happening"
2000 Walker, Texas Ranger Soldiers of Hate Travis Braxton
1999 Fugitive Mind (made-for-TV-movie) Karns
1998 Blade (movie) Pallantine, Vampire Lord
1998 Star Trek: Voyager "Message in a Bottle" Cmdr. Rekar, Romulan
1994 Babylon 5 "And the Sky Full of Stars" Knight One
1994 Renegade "Carrick O'Quinn" murderer
1993 Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. "No Man's Land" Gil Swill
1992 Raven "The Unseen Enemy" Vulcan
1991 True Identity (movie) Iago
1991 K-9000 (movie) Anton Zeiss
1990 Escape
(original title: Brooke)
(movie) Gabriel LaFontaine
1989 Full Exposure: The Sex Tape Scandals
(original title: Streetwise)
(movie) John "Amazing" Grace
1988 Mission: Impossible "The Legacy" Graff
1987 Star Trek: The Next Generation "Symbiosis" Sobi
1987 Jake and the Fatman "Daddy's Home" Prince
1986 The Colbys "Something Old, Something New"
"The Gala"
"Bid for Freedom"
Sacha Malenkov
1985-86 One Life to Live multiple Clay Monroe
1985 A Team "Incident at Crystal Lake" Maxwell Sherman
1985 V: the Series "Inquisition"
"Trial by Combat"
"The Wildcats"
"The Littlest Dragon"
"War of Illusion"
"The Secret Underground"
"The Return"
Lt. James
1985 Dukes of Hazard "Sittin Dukes" Woody Benson
1984-85 General Hospital multiple Peter Harrell
1984 Velvet (movie) Mats Edholm
1984 Matt Houston "Death Stalk" André (Allen Garvey)
1984 T.J. Hooker "Exercise in Murder" Bobby Curtis
1984 Search for Tomorrow (unknown) ??
1983 Matt Houston "Target -- The Most Beautiful Girls in the World" André (Allen Garvey)
1983 Dukes of Hazard "Witness: Jesse Duke" Parker
1982 I, The Jury (movie) Charles Hendricks
1982 Greatest American Hero "It's Only Rock and Roll" Dack Hampton
1982 Strike Force "Fallen Angel" Johnney Lee Bradick
1982 Voyagers "Worlds Apart" Lawrence of Arabia
1982 Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (movie) Joachim
1982 The Powers of Matthew Star "Jackal" Float
1982 The Phoenix (series) "In Search of Mira"
"One of Them"
"A Presence Of Evil"
"The Fire Within"
1981 The Phoenix (movie) (pilot movie) Bennu
1978 Eternal Light (NBC) Interrogation In Budapest Simon
1978 Every Which Way But Loose (movie) uncredited biker
19?? The Grimke Sisters ? ?
19?? The Loner (pilot for Stephen J. Cannell) Judson's parts were removed before initial airing - he played a naughty detective
19?? Chain Letters (pilot) the devil
(costarring Tia Carrera)

Broadway and Off-Broadway
"Richard III" with Al Pacino
The Acting Company in Repertory, American Place Theater
"Snowbird" Theater of the Riverside Church
The Production Company, New York City
Cabaret Theater Company, Los Angeles (founding member)

The Acting Company in Repertory, National Tour
"Mother Courage"
"Love's labour Lost"
"The Way of the World"
"Camino Real"

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